LUMINAID partners with Greenery research for sweeter autumn and winter strawberries

Sweet strawberries from autumn growth are close at hand


The Greenery has started an investigation to influence the taste of autumn and winter strawberries. One of the most important parameters for this research is light. LUMINAID has been asked to participate with its innovative Floralux growth lighting products. The test is being carried out at the Botany research institute in Meterik (NL), where The Greenery has a greenhouse at its disposal.

Researcher Klaas de Jager of The Greenery opts for LUMINAID because its lighting solutions are already proven both technically commercially in various horticultural applications across The Netherlands.

<Klaas de Jager>: The objective is to have a cultivation recipe where the investment and operational costs are as low as possible to increase the international competitiveness of the Dutch soft fruit industry!

At this moment, several strawberry growers who are affiliated with The Greenery are already using FLORALUX solutions by LUMINAID at winter cultivations. Belgium based CLTV Hoogstraten is also closely involved at the various sites. Now the possibilities for autumn cultivation are also being explored.