Introduction of high lumen output fixture

Expanding the range of DATALUX applications


In order to expand the range of our DATALUX linear lighting systems, we are now introducing a high lumen output DATALUX luminaire. This 3-meter DATALUX luminaire has a lumen output of approximately 12,000 lumens, enabling a high light level to be achieved for even the most challenging applications.

One of the unique features is that this new luminaire enables high light levels, without compromising the lighting experience on the workshop floor by high glare.

The luminaire is now available in both .IQ and .LT versions. Matching end pieces of 1, 2 and 3 meters are also added to the product range. This allows the installer to assemble complete DATALUX light line systems. Please feel free to contact one of our advisers if you would like to receive more information.