FLORALUX growth lighting for Jong Fruit B.V.

Sweeter fruits and more volume of crop with FLORALUX


FLORALUX bij Jong Fruit BV

Strawberry grower Jong Fruit B.V. in Dongen has commissioned a FLORALUX.LT growth lighting system from LUMINAID for the cultivation of winter strawberries. With this system Jong Fruit B.V. expects to greatly improve the yield of the crop, both in volume and in quality. It is one of the FLORALUX.LT systems of a program that LUMINAID is rolling out after the successful realization of the strawberry cultivation of Hereijgers-Verdaesdonck in Zundert early this year.

Mr. Rob van de Wouw from Jong Fruit B.V .: “The cultivation at Hereijgers-Verdaesdonck of 2017 is the best lighted cultivation we have ever seen. Especially the possibility to monitor climate and lighting separately is an advantage, as well as the energy costs which are only 25% of SON-T “.

Many strawberry growers are currently busy with the start of the winter cultivation of strawberries in greenhouses. Therefore  Jong Fruit B.V. the FLORALUX.LT system was put into operation in the strawberry greenhouse on 19 October. Also at Hereijgers-Verdaesdock the lighting has been on for several weeks for the new cultivation.

About Jong Fruit B.V.

Jong Fruit B.V. is a progressive player in the market for so-called soft fruits. For example, Jong Fruit ran the introduction of assimilation lamps in 2006 far ahead of the music. In an era where this technology is still in its infancy, Jong Fruit develops a strategy that reaps more success each year. Meanwhile, they can be proud of our lead on other growth light growers. Jong Fruit B.V. is a member of Confurta U.A. and sells via The Greenery B.V.