Who are we?

LUMINAID makes the difference in linear lighting solutions for new and existing industries: comfortable, uniform light that makes it pleasant to work. Also extremely energy efficient!

LUMINAID develops and manufacturers lighting fixtures that provide so-called “continuous light”.  And that in combination with the integration of various functionalities such as sensors, cameras and audio. Our clients are installers and resellers who want the best for their clients. We do this with a dedicated team of specialists. LUMINAID’s innovative linear light systems provide comfort and safety based on continuous light, taking into account both the end user and the reseller. Easy installation, durability and extensive functionality are central to our lighting solutions. We think in possibilities.


Our passion is light! Based on that passion, we are convinced that with our unique knowledge and experience we can improve the industrial lighting expierences We take into account what is really needed and asked for when it comes to lighting workshop floors. LUMINAID combines comfort, safety, ease of use and compatibility into one product. Our strength is in our people. A dedicated team of specialists in the field of lighting, electrical engineering and assimilation lighting. We work together with consultants, installers, users and suppliers to come up with the best solutions.

Unique project support

An optimal lighting solution in a demanding environment often requires customization and specialism. In the preliminary phase of a project, LUMINAID provides engineering support (lighting designs, interconnection diagrams), helps  to inform and convince end-users, whether or not by using the unique Expierence Center. During the realization phase LUMINAID offers installation support and full installation services.  And off course our outstanding products come with full warranties and aftersales support.

R&D in house

A dedicated team of specialists is developing, executing and testing daily for various industrial applications. All necessary disciplines are represented for the development of optical lenses to the development of electronic control and the design of production tools such as injection molding and extrusion techniques. The department is equipped with adequate measuring equipment such as a unique photo-goniometer (for validating lenses) and an integrated sphere, for measuring all photometric and electrical parameters.

Own manufacturing

LUMINAID produces its products at its headquarters in Roosendaal. The quality of the production process is guaranteed by the ISO9001 management system of (test) procedures and instructions. Together with regular suppliers, this guarantees the quality, delivery reliability and flexibility of our services. The production process is designed in such a way that scale-up can be used quickly and effectively according to growing market demand.

Part of Pallieter

LUMINAID B.V.  is part of Pallieter RENEFF B.V.,  a division of the Pallieter Group. This strong family holding prefers to invest in enterprises that aim for growth and significant market share within the industry they are operating. Pallieter has a typical long term hold strategy. More information can be found on www.pallieter.com