Our story

The perfect lighting experience does exist

At Luminaid we believe in the perfect light in which to work. In the coming years, regular linear light without interruptions will become the new standard for a superb lighting experience.

We are convinced that the quality of work, the comfort of work, and the productivity of work is positively influenced by the added value of a fantastic lighting experience.

And our customers want more than just perfect light. Advisors, installers, lighting experts and of course end users want ease of use, service and certainty. In achieving this we also challenge ourselves to offer these customers a superb experience.

This makes us special

Product experience and customer experience are central

For our customers we deliver an extremely good product, manufactured locally and with fantastic service. We challenge ourselves every day to be seen as the lighting company with the best customer performance.

We focus on both the customer and the product in everything we do. What makes Luminaid special is that we not only offer continuous light via a slim luminaire with a high protection class, we also offer the customer unique values.

We prove that the product experience as well as the customer experience can both play a central role in the delivery of the best lighting experience. Advisors, installers, lighting experts and end users find this fantastic!

Our distinctive brand values

This is who we are

1. Our innovations for the perfect lighting experience

2. Our knowledge about the perfect lighting experience

3. Our guarantees for a perfect lighting experience.