Let’s meet our new colleague!

Simone Nuiten, our new Supply Chain Coordinator


Simone Nuijten started as our new Supply Chain Coordinator at Luminaid on February 1, 2024. We wish her a warm welcome! Time to get to know Simone a little better:

“Can you tell us a little more about yourself and share what you are currently working on within your role?”
My name is Simone Nuijten and I work as the Supply Chain Coordinator at Luminaid. My primary responsibility is to ensure that our customers receive the best lighting solutions for their buildings on time. As the link between our production and sales teams, I am responsible for planning work orders and managing orders with suppliers. I am the main point of contact for both new and existing sales orders. At Luminaid, we produce to order, and I am responsible for ensuring that the production runs smoothly and that customers receive their orders on time.

“You have a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and experience in business process design and administration. How did you become interested in this field?”

“During my studies, I studied process optimization and obtained my Lean Greenbelt certificate. I then started in a position in the field of marketing, but I soon discovered that my heart was more focused on business processes and optimizing them. That’s how I quickly ended up at Luminaid. They are in the middle of a transformation to order-driven working, in combination with a completely new product platform. A fun challenge that I wanted to take on”.

“How would you like to define your responsibilities and make an impact as a Supply Chain Coordinator?”
“In my role as Supply Chain Coordinator, I want to work for and safeguard an effective and efficient supply chain. Furthermore, I find good and pleasant cooperation with all stakeholders important, and I am committed to evaluating performance”.

“How do you find enjoyment and satisfaction in your work?”

“I do not enjoy being idle and prefer to stay occupied with tasks. I find it satisfying to solve problems and make improvements wherever necessary. Therefore, this job seems like the perfect fit for me. Additionally, a positive and pleasant work environment is crucial for me to look forward to going to work.”

“Could you please describe what your ideal day off from work would look like?” 

“On my ideal day off, I start with a quiet breakfast and coffee, followed by a trip to the gym or boxing. As a fan of sports, I can often be found working out. I also enjoy having a snack and a drink, and occasionally attending a party. So, on my ideal day off, I prefer to go out for a nice meal in the evening and maybe even attend a party”.