LUMINAID presents FLORALUX.spectris. The newly developed light spectrum approaches diffuse sunlight and provides the professional grower with an ideal balance between man and plant. FLORALUX.spectris provides the desired crop response, while staff in the greenhouse maintain a comfortable workplace. The spectrum of FLORALUX.spectris is not red, white & blue, but has a more complete build-up that approaches the sunlight. This creates a natural environment for the crop.




FLORALUX.spectris has a radiating angle of 120 Ö¯, which guarantees a fully illuminated foliage in strawberry cultivation under glass. Also, the light beam illuminates the fruits of adjacent rows. FLORALUX.spectris provides improved stretching, as well as fruit development in various winter cultivation strategies. The unique round housing of the lamp ensures a diffuse distribution of the light. This distributes the light evenly over the entire crop. This image is comparable to the combination of diffuse glass and sunlight.



FLORALUX growth lighting consists of 3-meter luminaires that are suspended at a variable height above the cultivation. The luminaire is easily coupled and functions as a continuous light line. The plant experiences a high-quality light level in the right spectrum, while hardly any radiant heat is created and a diffuse light image is created.












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