The fixture as infrastructure

Multifunctional continuous lighting

with high modularity

The continuous line lighting system for commercial applications where effortless intelligence can be added. DATALUX.IQ is a modular concept in which functions such as sensors, Wi-Fi, broadcasting, and cameras can be integrated in addition to the optimum light level. Cost-effective, sustainable and with the best technology available. The luminaire, made of high-quality polycarbonate, is also a cable tray and offers an infrastructure for audio, lighting control and ethernet. Resistance to demanding environments is also included as standard in the design, such as dust and water tightness, as well as impact resistance.

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Multifunctioneel continu licht

Type of applications Datalux.IQ

  • Commercial spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Advanced industrial environments
  • Food processing
  • Parking garages
  • Cold storage facilities


Light control systems such as daylight sensors and motion detectors increasingly play a significant role in light installations and systems. Together with other functionalities, they are increasingly being integrated into a lighting plan as a wish of the end user. With the DATALUX.IQ system, an installer easily obtains the knowledge and possibility to offer all these functions in an integrated way.

If you know that for several functionalities in your infrastructure different professionals need to come along, do you want them to work together to save you time? You prefer that they even come all at once and do their work! It is precisely this principle that we have applied in the DATALUX.IQ system. After all, why not pack all the functionality that is needed in one device?

Forget about all those different systems with different suppliers and contracts. Forget about the jumble of cables, tubes and various suspension and fastening systems. Forget about the time it takes and the costs involved. Why would you choose that, if you could also opt for luminaires that form the basis for all these functionalities? Opting for a system of luminaires that simultaneously forms the infrastructure for electricity and data, and is also easy to use?


DATALUX.IQ stands for plug & play. The 3 meter luminaires can be installed at lightning speed but can still be flexibly applied by the 1- and 2- meter end pieces. You attach both cable tray and fixture in one go. You therefore create three meters of electricity, light and ethernet per luminaire. Each and every one of them can be used directly. Once installed, the luminaire only needs to be connected to the mains. No installer needs to be involved when fitting luminaires. However, the connection to the mains must be carried out by an installer.


DATALUX.IQ luminaires are standard equipped with different integrated cables that enable to add additional functionalities easily. Because these additional functions belong to the same system, power and data do not have to be completely separated anymore. Thanks to the patented connector technology and the ‘tronics’ modules developed by LUMINAID, all connections ‘plug & play’ have been prepared.

An installer who previously only assumed the lighting installation now offers a one-stop-shop service. The lighting installation is installed in one installation corridor, which drastically reduces the total installation time of the total functionality.


  • Unsurpassed lighting uniformity
  • No drivers installed: high durability and easy maintenance
  • IP65 rated
  • Impact resistant according to the IK10 standards
  • Energy efficient
  • Plycorbonate housing, UV stabilized
  • various lumen output models available

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