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High end lighting forhigh end manufacturing plant


Vink Products is part of the Vink Groep, and the manufacturer of rectangular, round and oval air ducts and air technical components such as outdoor air grilles and roof hoods. Metal types such as galvanized steel, aluminium, stainless steel and bare steel in sheet thicknesses of 0.75 – 5 mm are processed into ready-made products in the high-quality production location. In addition to metal air ducts, Vink Products also manufactures plastic (PIR-POL) air ducts. In other words: at Vink they provide air!

Making the factory more sustainable with LED lighting lines
The choice for Luminaid’s LED lighting was made because of the reduced energy consumption and the longer lifespan. In addition, the materials in LED lighting are much more durable than conventional lighting. The materials are easier to recycle and are easier to reuse.

Conducive to working conditions
The new Datalux LED lighting provides continuous light, which improves working conditions. For example, flickering is a thing of the past and LED provides a calm and even light image without shadow. In addition, the emergency lighting is integrated in the LED lighting lines. In the event of a power failure, all lines still provide sufficient light to find a safe way to the exit

Energy reduction as a theme within the CSR policy
In addition, the new LED lighting lines are very economical and thus make a major contribution to reducing energy consumption in the factory. An investment and step that fits within Vink’s CSR policy in which energy reduction is an important theme.


Relighting Vink Group

Safe and comfy lighting at the workshop floor

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