Scania Trucks is driving the creation of a sustainable transport system, by creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment. Part of this is to switch completely to LED lighting in the Benelux. After an intensive selection and testing procedure, Scania has opted to have lighting specialist LuxImprove realize this by switching to LED lighting. A comprehensive lighting plan has been created for each Benelux Scania site based on an increase in the light level and a reduction in energy consumption. For the workshops, and industrial luminaire was needed, being not only energy-efficient but also providing the right lighting experience on the workshop floor.


LuxImprove’s independent lighting expertise enabled Scania to choose the right lighting technology. It soon became clear that the DATALUX linear lighting system is the most ideal solution for a profound, safe and energy-efficient LED application. The DATALUX.AC variant was deliberately chosen because it allowed for quick and flexible planning and installation. The total care provided by Luximprove, the lighting comfort and an efficiently organized installation ensure sustainable business operations at the various Scania branches.

Partner: Luximprove

Partner: Bink Elektro

Scania Trucks

Renovation of lighting at truck workshops