In recent years, the breeding activities of the strawberry breeder Fresh Forward have expanded considerably. Both the outdoor and substrate programs have been scaled up, with the result that Fresh Forward has now grown from its location in Eck en Wiel. To give more space to the various breeding programs, it was decided to move to a new location in Huissen (Gld) with four hectares of greenhouse surface in the NEXTgarden Lingewaard development area. Examples of crops for which breeding is done specifically are greenhouse spring cultivation and continued cultivation. However, more attention is being paid to the “low-chill” cultivation system. In this cultivation system, varieties with a low cold requirement can be grown from December to July with a constant production of high-quality fruit from the end of February. That is of course not possible without high-quality growth lighting.


In this greenhouse two technologies with different light, spectra are used. One part is equipped with FLORALUX.imperium luminaires, with a high content of red and blue light, which stimulates growth. The trial in which these FLORALUX.imperum luminaires were used is easily recognizable by the typical red / purple lighting. The other part of the trial is equipped with FLORALUX.spectris luminaires. The sunlight spectrum is simulated with these so-called full-spectrum luminaires. This part of the test, therefore, looks as if traditional lighting has been installed. The unique spectral structure of the light from these lamps ensures optimal growth and pleasant working conditions for the staff in the greenhouse. Both types of lamps are characterized by a low radiant heat so that the influence of LUMINAID LED lighting on the climate is nil. FLORALUX luminaires are controllable as standard. This allows Fresh Forward to independently change the intensity of the light level, adapted to the amount of sunlight from outside.

Fresh Forward

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