The town hall of the Municipality of Purmerend has a brand new underground parking garage that offers space for 305 cars.

The 2-storey parking garage is located next to the city hall, above which a park-like green city square will be created. The new garage will be a good place with maximum daylight and a spacious layout for the parking spaces. This garage adds a large number of parking spaces within walking distance of the city centre. The accessibility and quality of life of Purmerend is therefore also significantly increased with this city garage.

The design of the garage shows that the garage will not be a dead end anywhere. It has wide taxiways and ramps and both floors will be furnished the same. The entrances, stairs and elevator areas become transparent and recognizable. The purpose of this is to give visitors a feeling of safety when entering the garage. In the evening and at night, the garage is illuminated by DATALUX continuous light lines, which ensures a safe feeling even during the dark hours.

The Klaver Giant Group was responsible for the electrical installations, including the line lighting.

Parking Purmerend City hall