Modexpress is an internationally oriented corporation that arranges logistical solutions for many fashion companies. To accommodate their growth, a new building of 40,000 m2 was recently completed. It is a progressive office, equipped with glass all around, with a large roof terrace on the top floor. The warehouse, with a gross floor area of ​​approximately 39,000 m2, is designed in such a way that it can be flexibly arranged with rack floors up to four layers high.
Unibouw did the construction of this beautiful job. ETB Willem Bos was responsible for the design and realization of all electrical installations.
An important part of this was the high-quality linear lighting system in the warehouse. After all, this has a very high hall with various floors with a low ceiling. DATALUX.LT turned out to be the ideal solution. Together with ETB Willem Bos, we worked on the optimal integration of the light lines in the KNX building management system. This has been solved with smart actuators.

Warehouse Modexpress

Linear lighting for 39,000 sq. mtrs fashion warehouse