Lidl works every day on sustainability and making a healthy lifestyle affordable and accessible for everyone. Lidl considers it important that in addition to its product range, its business operations are also sustainable. For example, Lidl ensures that they build sustainably, reuse the residual flows and prevent food waste. Lidl, together with landlord WDP N.V., has opted to significantly reduce electricity consumption in the warehouse in Genk.


The facility management team of the lessor WDP, together with a project team from LUMINAID, has devised an optimal lighting solution. In addition, the old lighting was completely replaced by energy-efficient DATALUX line lighting. Lidl’s electricity consumption in the warehouse has thus been greatly reduced. The lighting quality for the operators in the warehouse has also been greatly improved. Better light quality ensures fitter employees, better colour recognition and an increased safe workplace.

Partner: WDP NV

Relighting Lidl Genk (B)

Working on sustainability with DATALUX