Jannink Concrete manufacturing

Jannink Beton has been housed in Wierden for many years, a specialist in what matters precast concrete production. The portfolio includes high-quality products such as balcony & gallery panels, wall covering tapes, bacon tapes, sills, footings, decorative frames, stairs and many custom products. Jannink Beton has had its own model workshop for years, specializing in manufacturing wooden molds for the prefab concrete industry. In short: Jannink Beton is the concrete producer with a little bit more.

To save energy and to provide the employees in the workshop with a better working environment, Jannink has invested in sustainable energy-efficient DATALUX lighting. The result may be there! The luminaires are concealed above the crane tracks to create a perfect light experience with good colour recognition.

Jannink Concrete Production

Improvemment and energy saving at the workshop floor