Warehouse Dillewijn Zwapak

High quality lighting in newly built warehouse

The new building of Dillewijn Zwapak in Aalsmeer concerns a state-of the art warehouse. After the merger between Dillewijn and Zwapak, a major impact was made in the field of efficiency by building a central distribution center. The other buildings turned out to be outdated, so that Dillewijn Zwapak opted for a completely new location in Aalsmeer. And of course with the latest technologies.

Together with our partner Elektroservice Holland BV in Hardinxveld-Giessendam, an optimal lighting plan has been developed that achieves the highest light level, at the lowest possible operational costs and environmental impact. The choice quickly falls on the DATALUX.LT continuous line system. This system is placed between the rafters and the roof construction. This makes it possible to create a good light image while the user keeps Dillewijn maximum space up to the rafters. LUMINAID not only provided for the engineering and delivery, but also realized the assembly of the light lines in close cooperation with Elektroservice Holland.

Installer: Elektroservice Holland B.V.