Kramp Varsseveld warehouse

Linear lighting integrated in KNAPP OSR shuttle system

Kramp’s new premises, a supplier of technical materials for agriculture, road and hydraulic engineering, among other things, will ensure that Kramp’s delivery capacity will be expanded to support business growth for many years to come. Use is made of a high-quality logistics shuttle system from Knapp AG. This system with 134,000 bin locations with a maximum of four locations per bin ensures compact storage of many items on relatively few square meters. Previously, Kramp had a rather labor-intensive concept with separate bulk and pick locations. Now the warehouse is quite full with a complex sorting installation. Together with installer Kremer, it turned out to be a challenge to provide sufficient light between the Knapp equipment.


Together with our partner Kremer Installatietechniek BV in ‘s-Heerenberg an optimal light plan has been designed that achieves the highest light level between the high racks and equipment of Knapp. The choice quickly falls on the DATALUX.LT continuous line system. This system is placed between the rafters and the roof construction. This makes it possible to create a good light image while the user maintains maximum space up to the rafters. LUMINAID provided the engineering, production and delivery of the DATALUX light line system for Kremer. She installed and installed the light lines.

Installer: Kremer Installatietechniek B.V.

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