Transtune Cartuning

Cutting edge car tuning technology


Transtune is a young and innovative company in Deurne, Brabant. The company was founded by Harm van Bussel, one of the youngest automotive entrepreneurs. Harm grew up among cars, worked on transmissions at an early age and made this a flourishing company in combination with his knowledge of car electronics. Transtune focuses primarily on engine management systems and overhauling of automatic gearboxes. They do this for every type of car. Their modern workplace is equipped with high-tech diagnostic equipment to locate and remedy malfunctions in engine management and gearboxes. A good light level is of the utmost importance. Old fluorescent lamps provided insufficient light and had to be replaced regularly. Transtune was looking for a solution that would measure itself against the quality of its own services.


After a careful search, Transtune ran into the possibilities of DATALUX line lighting. After an extensive light simulation, it soon became apparent that this was the right solution for the search for high-quality lighting. The lighting is placed above the power bank where the cars are tuned and tuned.


Partner: Van Mackelenbergh Electro