Wila parking Lochem (NL)

Aesthetical linear lighting


For over 85 years, WILA has been developing and producing high-end press brake systems and tools for press builders and users. Wila’s goal is the continuous development and production of these tools that increase the productivity and quality of the bending process. The leading position of WILA in the international plate processing industry is firmly founded on the 5 WILA values: Accurate – Durable – Flexible – Fast – Safe. Wila needed parking spaces close to the workplace for her own staff. MAAS architects from Lochem has delivered a beautiful design for this, which has been realized by VDR Bouwgroep and Mulder Installatietechniek.


For the architect, aesthetics and sustainability were the main challenges of this project. Important was low electricity consumption through the use of minimal lighting (less than the norm because it is not a public garage). That is why DATAUX was quickly chosen: this made it possible to stick to the minimalist design, low energy consumption and yet more than sufficient light. The parking garage has recently been delivered and Wila has taken its new parking garage into use.


Partner: Mulder Installatietechniek