GEA Food Solutions Bakel

Specialist in proces technology


GEA is one of the largest suppliers of process technology for the food industry and a large number of other industries. A quarter of all milk and one in three chicken nuggets are processed with GEA equipment. GEA is also an important player when it comes to beer. To give you an impression; of every two liters of beer produced, 1 liter of beer is brewed with equipment from GEA. In Bakel, The Netherlands, GEA specializes in the production of machines and complete production lines for the production, cutting and packaging of meat or cheese,. E.g. the portfolio of solutions and machines in the field of processing and packaging of food supplies added value to products that you find in the supermarket and that are sold at fast food chains and food service companies. An important part of the Bakel site is the showroom where GEA shows its latest developments to potential customers. Together with her home installer Hoppenbrouwers Techniek Deurne, an optimal lighting system was sought that was suitable for such a challenging environment


GEA and Hoppenbrouwers have opted for a DATALUX.LT lighting system that provides the room with an unprecedented level of light. The system also meets the strictest HACCP requirements and the lamps are easy to clean. A long service life and good color recognition make the DATALUX.LT system perfect for this application.

Partner: Hoppenbrouwers Techniek Deurne (NL)