Sanitairkamer Hardewijk

Linear lighting for distribution center


Sanitair Kamer in Hardewijk is supplier of high-quality sanitary articles and tiling. For a better design of their business processes, a new industrial hall of 3,000 m2 has been realized in the town of Hardewijk. Botec Bedrijfsruimtebouw was responsible for the realization, Brian Franken Technieken was responsible for the electrical installations. A linear lighting system where a safe and pleasant working environment was created was one of the most important requirements.


The choice for DATALUX was made quickly. Because of long continuous light without any glare and good color recognition, Brian Franken Technieken has chosen DATALUX linear lighting. Sanitair Kamer also has an extremely durable lighting system, both in terms of service life and due to the very low energy consumption.

Partner: Brian Franken Technieken BV