Cheese Storage De Producten

DATALUX for the cold storage of Dutch cheese


“De Producent” is a cooperative that was originally established for the export of full-fat Gouda Cheese under the Rijksmerk. The association was created to enable cheese-producing farmers to compete against large traders. Because of this the farmers know a purchase guarantee and a fixed compensation for the cheeses. More than a hundred years later, De Producent still guarantees the purchase and responsible purchasing of the cheese produced by its farmers. Due to the growth of the sales market at home and abroad, De Producent has grown into a modern and flexible company and has become one of the larger “Boerenkaas” and “Kaas van de Boerderij” suppliers in Europe. To facilitate this growth, a new warehouse in Moordrecht, The Netherlands, has been put into use, ready to store more than 2.6 million kilograms of cheese. With this storage, a high-quality light level with which the quality of the product can be assessed properly can be crucial. Lighting specialist ETK Lighting has been commissioned for the realization of the best suitable lighting.


In addition to a good light level, it was important that the lighting to be used met the stringent requirements that apply to the storage of fresh foodstuffs such as cheese. Then the choice quickly falls on the DATALUX lighting system. The entire warehouse is therefore equipped with a DATALUX.LT lighting system.


Partner: ETK Verlichting