P&P Projects Someren

DATALUX.LT for office spaces and workshop


P&P Projects in Someren The Netherlands is a one-stop shop for realzing props for theme parks, museums, family entertainment centres and visitor attractions. The company operates globally and cooperates a design office and production workshop in-house. P&P delivers turn-key projects, in order to help customers with a complete/cohesive attraction or exhibition. The story, techniques, media-based solutions, theming, special effects are all subject to P&P Projects’ capabilities. P&P has moved into a newly built office and workshop facility in 2018. One of the challenges fort the new built premises was an outstanding lighting quality fort he workshop as fort he offices.



Together with Thijssen Elektro in Deurne a comprehensive lighting design has been made, resulting in a DATALUX.LT solution for as well the office spaces as for the workshop where the requisites of P&P are being manufactured.

Partner: Thijssen Elektro