Munsters Auto Repair

Demanding environment requires the best lighting technology

In the new premises of Munsters Auto- and Truckschade in Deurne, units are being spray painted, both new and used. Refrigerated trailers, moving floor trailers, plywood trailers, but also train, tram and sea containers are provided with a new paint system in an efficient and high-quality manner. This in an extremely innovative way and according to the latest state of the art. This requires a high-quality lighting system in which optimum color recognition and even light level are achieved.

Together with the installer Hoppenbrouwers, a lighting plan is based on the DATALUX.LT light line system. set up. An important advantage of DATALUX over conventional line lighting is the round shape. This does not result in dust accumulation as a result of the sanding of the paints before the vehicles are painted.

Installer: Hoppenbrouwers Deurne


Autoschade Munsters Deurne