Versatile growth lighting


Versatile growth lighting

The power and spectral construction of this grow light is fully focused on crop growth. The FLORALUX.fortis luminaire provides the crop with the ideal balance between red and blue light at a competitive price. Red light produces the largest fruits and the most intense red fruit color. Also contributes to the number of leaves formed. The blue light in FLORALUX.fortis stimulates flower bud formation and accelerates the maturation of the bloom. It also makes the fruits shine more and increases the sugar and vitamin C content in the fruit. And finally white light, which ensures fruit recognition.

The luminaire is made up of inexpensive LEDs that keep the investment in an illuminated cultivation as low as possible.

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Applications Floralux.fortis

  • Horticultural growth of soft fruits in greenhouses
  • Other soft-fruit growth applications
  • Vertical farming of soft fruits


FLORALUX.fortis has a radiating beam of 120 ֯, which guarantees a fully illuminated foliage in strawberry cultivation under glass. In addition, the light beam shines on the fruits of adjacent rows. FLORALUX.fortis delivers a high production expressed in kilograms per square meter in both a continuous cultivation and a continuous cultivation strategy. In addition, the quality of the fruit is improved. The unique round housing of the lamp ensures a diffuse distribution of the light. This distributes the light evenly over the entire crop.

The FLORALUX illuminated cultivation system consists of 3-meter luminaires that are suspended at a variable height above the cultivation. The luminaire is easily coupled and functions as a continuous light line. The plant experiences a high-quality light level in the right spectrum, while hardly any radiant heat is created and a diffuse light image is created.



FLORALUX PLUG.IN for connection of the power supply at the start of the light line.



There is a separate power supply unit needed for every FLORALUX.HP fixture. This power supply is available in 2 different capacities: 120W and 150W.



PLUG.END is a plug used to end the light line and to ensure the safety and IP65 protection class of the lighting system.



FLORALUX lighting fixtures optimized for the balance between plant and men



FLORALUX 3 meter fixture optimized for versatile growth lighting



FLORALUX 3 meter fixture optimized for high efficiency

DATALUX Mounting clamp ZS40


Mounting clamp for DATALUX linear lighting in cold environments.

DATALUX steel wire mounting clamp


Stainless steel mounting clamp for DATALUX linear lighting.

DATALUX Mounting clamp PP40


40 mm PPE mounting clamp for mounting DATALUX and FLORALUX linear lighting.


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