Linear lighting

for greenhouse horticulture & vertical farming

LUMINAID has developed a lighting system that has proven its applicability in the growth of strawberries and other soft fruits such as raspberries and blackberries. Since conventional growth lighting solutions have been around for quite some time, there is currently a lot of experimenting with LED lighting. LUMINAID was the first successful lighting supplier to supply an LED solution for the production of strawberries in a horticultural greenhouse.



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for horticultural applications?

  • Unique and bespoke light recipes: high PPFD for optimal growth stimulation
  • Energy savings: less than 250 kW per hectare
  • Very low radiated heat signature: only 1,2 °C increase on foilage
  • Climate controle: Ultra low convection heat transmittance

The Luminaire

Due to the ultimate character properties of FLORALUX.LT, the system is suitable for coupling and to hang over the strawberry row as a long light line. The light recipe of the FLORALUX.LT system  is tailored to an optimal assimilation process of the crop. The FLORALUX.LT grow light system is used as a day-longing light source, allowing strawberries to be grown in the Netherlands throughout the year. In addition, sufficient white light has been added which, in addition to the assimilation objectives, also provides sufficient work light and colors are clearly visible during picking.


The light recipe of the FLORALUX.LT system is designed for an optimal growth process. The vast majority  of the spectral build up is in the 660 nm (deep red) area. This is to keep the growth process of the crop going. From the other emitted colors 450 nm (blue) is converted by means of phosphors to white light so that green and yellow are visible in the spectrum. The intensity is more than enough to measure a PPFD of more than 170 micromoles on the foliage.



Enhancing growth for the soft fruit industry

The FLORALUX.LT growth light system offers growers a unique opportunity to increase yields. Based on the specific PAR values of the FLORALUX.LT system it is possible to increase growth rates and the quality of the fruits during all growth stages.

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LUM-FL02HP-TPSU-XXXX There is a separate power supply unit needed for every FLORALUX.HP fixture. This power supply is available in 2 different capacities: 120W and 150W.


LUM-FL01LT-PGLP-D00A FLORALUX PLUG.IN for connection of the power supply between the light lines.


LUM-FL01LT-PGIN-D00A FLORALUX PLUG.IN for connection of the power supply at the start of the light line.


LUM-LS01xx-END0-0000 PLUG.END is a plug used to end the light line and to ensure the safety and IP65 protection class of the lighting system.

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