The new standard in industrial linear lighting

Unsurpassed light uniformity

against the lowest operational costs

DATALUX.LT continuous linear lighting is renowned for its unprecedented lighting uniformity on the workshop floor. Utilizing DATALUX enables a comfortable, productive, safe and energy-efficient work environment. Cost-effective and with the best technology available. DATALUX luminaires are made of high-quality polycarbonate and offer an infrastructure for power supply, light control and emergency lighting. Extreme environmental requirements are also included as standard in the design, such as dust and water tightness, as well as impact resistance.

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Applications Datalux.LT

  • Manufacturing & production
  • Warehouses and logistical centers
  • Parking garages
  • Industries
  • Food processing (HACCP)
  • Swimming pools and sport venues


DATALUX.LT offers continuous light, without interruption.  It results in a calm and even light level on the workshop floor. Glare and annoying shadow effects are avoided. It is therefore the new standard in line lighting solutions for industrial applications. Thanks to the use of highly efficient LED light sources, this uniformity is combined with an extremely low energy consumption. The expected lifetime of the DATALUX.LT system is more than 100,000 hours of operation because the luminaires are not equipped with sensitive AC / DC power supplies and the system has been designed to be dust-proof.


DATALUX.LT stands for plug & play. The 3-meter luminaires can be installed at lightning speed and can still be flexibly applied by the 1- and 2- meter end pieces. You attach both cable tray and fixture in one go. By means of easy to install PPE clamps, the fixtures can be mounted directly on the ceiling or suspended on threaded rods, steel cables or chains. Once installed, the luminaires only need to be connected to the mains.


Every DATALUX.LT light line starts with an external power supply. This provides the entire light line with DC voltage. Dependent on the length of the linear lighting line and the lumen output per fixture, the correct power supply is selected and the correct radiation profile (lens type) is chosen. The maximum power of a power supply is 600 Watt. If the length is not sufficient, it is possible to place additional power supplies between the luminaires without the need for extra cables.

The installation itself goes very fast. As soon as the mounting points or the pendulum fittings are attached, the luminaires are hung up with simple clamps every 3 meters.



PLUG.END is a plug used to end the light line and to ensure the safety and IP65 protection class of the lighting system.



PLUG.IN for interconnecting DATALUX.LT fixtures.



Interconnection box in between the line for additional PSU driver Applicable for .LT series

PSU Driver


External high end LED Meanwell AC/DC 185/320/600 Watt driver to be installed at each start of the line are in between with a CAP.LOOPa



DATALUX.LT Linear lighting with external drivers; PIR and DCEM applicable

DATALUX Mounting clamp ZS40


Mounting clamp for DATALUX linear lighting in cold environments

DATALUX steel wire mounting clamp


Stainless steel mounting clamp for DATALUX linear lighting

Pendel Sets

Pendel Sets Overview

Various steel wire sets / suspension kits for DATALUX linear lighting. No tools are required for adjusting lenght.

DATALUX Mounting clamp PP40


40 mm PPE mounting clamp for mounting DATALUX and FLORALUX linear lighting.

PIR Sensor Tronic


Integration motion detection for .LT, .IQ and .AC series

DCEM Integrated Emergency Lighting


The DCEM is suitable for .IQ and .LT linear lighting and available for various lentghs of linear lighting.


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