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For every cold storage application

DATALUX line lighting systems are ideal for cold stores, and other specialist storage locations where challenging temperatures are the norm. In rooms with temperatures of more than 20 degrees below zero, our lighting systems still function optimally. Certainly combined with the processing and storage of food products, the DATALUX system is the most suitable lighting solution. Due to the modular construction of the DATALUX lighting system, maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum. The use of an external power supply ensures that replacement of luminaires is no longer necessary.


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for cold storage applications?

  • Proven applicable for cold storage facilities up to -/- 40 degrees Celsius
  • Standard IP65 protection class
  • Unsurpassed lighting uniformity
  • Very energy efficient
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Impact restistance
  • Suitable for lighing between racking and general packaging areas
COOLPORT Maasvlakte II

Unique light quality under freezing circumstances

When working in an extremely cold environment, the well-being of the employee is critical. Good lighting, always available and with excellent color recognition is crucial. DATALUX linear lighting systems have already been installed at various cold stores for juices and condensate, storage and processing of fish and meat, but also for the storage and handling of fruit and vegetables. Our systems are standard IP65, impact-resistant and switch to various light levels. The choice of various lens optics ensures the right lighting levels in shelving paths, picking rooms, and processing rooms.

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The new standard for industrial lighting

The minimalist design aimed at optimal light experience and durability in demanding environments makes the DATALUX.LT system the standard in industrial linear lighting. Continuous light without glare, a very long lifespan and modular construction.

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LUM-LS01xx-END0-0000 PLUG.END is a plug used to end the light line and to ensure the safety and IP65 protection class of the lighting system.

DATALUX Mounting clamp ZS40

LUM-LS00xx-CLMP-ZS40 Mounting clamp for DATALUX linear lighting in cold environments


LUM-DL21LT-PGIN-xxxx PLUG.IN for interconnecting DATALUX.LT fixtures.

DATALUX steel wire mounting clamp

LUM-LS00xx-CLMP-SL40 Stainless steel mounting clamp for DATALUX linear lighting

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