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In production processes and manufacturing, productivity and safety depend on the welfare of your employees. Lighting provides the basis for maintaining insight in all processes on the workshop floor. LUMINAID’s industrial lighting solutions have a unique high uniformity, are available in different colour temperatures and have an exceptionally high colour recognition. Replacement of existing lighting is easy thanks to the simple plug-and-play principle.


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for industrial environments

  • Unsurpassed uniformity of light ensures a safe workshop floor
  • Low operational costs
  • Long lifespan > 100,000 operating hours
  • Suitable for the most challenging environments
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Integrated emergency lighting


Industrial processes are about maximum efficiencies. The lighting installation must be adapted accordingly. Light experts at LUMINAID work daily on the realization of lighting designs for the most challenging industrial environments, taking into account uniformity, colour recognition and minimizing operational costs. Each project is then calculated in advance in detail to determine the best system configuration.



The standard for industrial lighting

DATALUX.LT continuous linear lighting is renowned for its unprecedented lighting uniformity on the workshop floor. Utilizing DATALUX enables a comfortable, productive, safe and energy-efficient work environment. Cost-effective and with the best technology available. DATALUX luminaires are made of high-quality polycarbonate and offer an infrastructure for power supply, light control and emergency lighting. Extreme environmental requirements are also included as standard in the design, such as dust and water tightness, as well as impact resistance.

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LUM-LS01xx-END0-0000 PLUG.END is a plug used to end the light line and to ensure the safety and IP65 protection class of the lighting system.

DATALUX Mounting clamp ZS40

LUM-LS00xx-CLMP-ZS40 Mounting clamp for DATALUX linear lighting in cold environments


LUM-DL21LT-PGIN-xxxx PLUG.IN for interconnecting DATALUX.LT fixtures.

DATALUX steel wire mounting clamp

LUM-LS00xx-CLMP-SL40 Stainless steel mounting clamp for DATALUX linear lighting

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