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At the workshop floor, productivity and safety depend on the welfare of your employees. The optimal concentration by employees is of great importance in order to prevent errors with far-reaching consequences.

LUMINAID’s industrial lighting solutions have a unique high uniformity, are available in different colour temperatures and have an exceptionally high colour recognition. Replacement of existing lighting is easy thanks to the simple plug-and-play principle.


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for commercial spaces

  • Unsurpassed uniformity of light ensures a safe workshop floor
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to install: plug-and-play
  • long livespan


Lighting makes an important contribution to how people feel. Comfortable, natural lighting supports the wellbeing of your employees. The lighting solutions from LUMINAID provide your employees the energy they need to perform optimally. It helps create a work environment that optimizes employee well-being and productivity. After all, whoever feels good performs better. Integration into a smart steering system increases productivity and reliability, while our sophisticated light sources with lens combinations improve viewing conditions and promote concentration.


Linear lighting based on the DATALUX system delivers efficiency, comfort and safety. The efficient lighting of a workplace now also goes hand in hand with the creation of a pleasant atmosphere. Our light lines not only improve visual perception but are also able to accentuate specific elements of a room.



for commercial spaces

  • Plug-and-play
  • Integrated emergency lighting
  • Available in various color temperatures
  • Various lens-optics available for every specification

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The standard for
industrial lighting

DATALUX.LT continuous linear lighting is renowned for its unprecedented lighting uniformity on the workshop floor. Utilizing DATALUX enables a comfortable, productive, safe and energy-efficient work environment. Cost-effective and with the best technology available. DATALUX luminaires are made of high-quality polycarbonate.

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LUM-LS01xx-END0-0000 PLUG.END is a plug used to end the light line and to ensure the safety and IP65 protection class of the lighting system.

DATALUX Mounting clamp ZS40

LUM-LS00xx-CLMP-ZS40 Mounting clamp for DATALUX linear lighting in cold environments


LUM-DL21LT-PGIN-xxxx PLUG.IN for interconnecting DATALUX.LT fixtures.

DATALUX steel wire mounting clamp

LUM-LS00xx-CLMP-SL40 Stainless steel mounting clamp for DATALUX linear lighting

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