Lightline that accelerates growth!


Optimal growth for soft fruits

LUMINAID has developed a lighting system that has proven its applicability when growing soft fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.  We were the first lighting supplier to deliver an successful LED solution for the growth of strawberries in a horticultural greenhouse. Applying our FLORALUX.LT grow light system results a higher crop yield during low-light periods and enables growers to add extra crop to the season. FLORUX.LT provides higher production for small additional costs and easy installation.

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Applications Floralux.LT

  • Horticultural growth of soft fruits in greenhouses
  • Other soft-fruit growth applications
  • Vertical farming of soft fruits

Higher crop yields,  more cultivations

Due to the mechanical characteristics of the FLORALUX.LT system, the luminaires are suitable for coupling to a long light line above the strawberry row. The spectral properties of the FLORALUX.LT are tailored to an optimal assimilation process of the strawberry plant. The FLORALUX.LT is used as a day-longing light source, allowing strawberries to be grown throughout the year in high latitude countries. In addition, sufficient white light has been added which, in addition to the assimilation objectives, also provides sufficient work light and colors are clearly visible during picking.


Optimized spectral properties

for fruit development

The color spectrum of the FLORALUX.LT system is designed for an optimal growth process. The vast majority  of the spectral build up is in the 660 nm (deep red) area. This is to keep the growth process of the crop going. From the other emitted colors 450 nm (blue) is converted by means of phosphors to white light so that green and yellow are visible in the spectrum. The intensity is more than enough to measure a PPFD of more than 170 micromoles on the foliage.

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